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ap sex ed.

because public school sex ed sucks.

Oh my gosh amazing, accurate, GENDER NEUTRAL graphics?! I’ve died and gone to sex educator heaven. (The only thing better would be the inclusion of Intersex genitalia)

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The visual caress of a well-executed striptease can turn almost any man into a light-headed, panting puddle on the floor. And that’s just the impersonal work of a stripper. Getting a girlfriend to agree to a personal erotic dance is one of life’s great pleasures. But if you think getting her to do it is tough, getting her to do it well is even harder. Sitting there while a girl self-consciously flails around can be the ultimate mood killer.

However, you can help by choosing the music. The right song can make all the difference in the world. Pick the wrong one and watch the clumsy fumbling begin, but pick the perfect one, and watch her lose herself in the music. With so much at stake, it’s only fair that we give you a few suggestions. We’ve dug deep too, going beyond clichés like Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” or strip club staples like “Leave Your Hat On.” Pick your favorite, dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy the show.

"Pony" by Ginuwine

While she’s grinding in your lap, the last thing on your mind will likely be the lyrics of the song she’s dancing to. But this smooth tune from R&B wunderkid Ginuwine is chocked full of gems like “If you’re horny, let’s do it/Ride it, my pony/My saddle’s waitin’/Come and jump on it.” From there, a deep, throbbing bass line and electrified background vocals elevate this one from a cheesy song to a soundtrack for a memorable night. Just make sure your pony has saddle on; you don’t want any unexpected fillies galloping around nine months later.

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What say you Tumblr? What are some good strip tease songs?


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Masturbate in the backyard.


rubberduckrhetoric asked: I agree with the person that said "I'm so glad you get it." I'm curious, if you were to create streaming pornography site catered to Black people, what would you do differently, other than making sure to include different content?


This is probably my favorite question I have been asked on tumblr. I’ve been thinking about how to answer it for about a week now. 

I started this blog because I couldn’t find a tumblr blog with gifs of what I considered to be sexy. I also struggled finding variety in the porn gifs for people of color. Most of them were booty shaking, booty bouncing, or face fucking gifs.

I’m not a prude. I have no problem with those gifs or images. I  like big butts and some of those images are sexy. I just didn’t like that they seemed to be the only prevalent images out there on tumblr for poc. It speaks to a huge problem in regards to sexuality in my community.

So I came in with the attitude “if no one else will do it, then I will.” I thought it would be easy. I was wrong. For every scene I gif, there are 10 of them I discard because they don’t have anything in them that I find to be sexy.

Since I started making gifs, porn is less sexy to me than it has ever been. Partly because I recognize the sameness of every scene, the same performers, same positions, same moans, same locations, same quality. 

After watching so many scenes I didn’t enjoy, I have identified a lot of things that would be different if I was making porn.

I think it will help with clarity by creating a list of things, in no particular order, that I would address or include if I had the opportunity to create porn. Porn that would firstly be something I would want to see. Not necessarily what would be profitable.

1. Undressing—-


What I see: I would estimate that more than half of the porn I come across do not have the performers undressing each other. Most of the scenes start off with the woman wearing heels, dressed in a skimpy outfit, while the guy is wearing whatever he found in his closet. She usually shakes her butt on a sofa or bed for several minutes, while the guy smacks her ass and says stuff like “shake it” or “damn that ass fat.” Usually he undresses off-screen or she’ll pull his cock out to suck after she strips. In of itself, nothing wrong with it but…


What I would do: I enjoy amateur porn more than professional porn most of the time because it’s more down to earth and organic. My porn would have the performers wearing regular clothes (unless the scene calls for something more specific) and then undressing each other.  When I write erotic sex scenes, I spend time making sure the disrobing aspect has personality.


You can characterize just by the way they undress each other. Who is the aggressor? Who is shy? Does she leave on her top, and does he leave on his shoes, and does she slide her panties on the side, and does he pull his cock out of his boxer hole, because it’s so pressing to fuck that they can’t waste time getting all the way naked? image

You can do a lot with storytelling and getting across a mood - whether playful or passionate - just by what they do as they get ready to have sex. I think undressing someone is incredibly sexy and a huge part of foreplay. And speaking of foreplay.

2. Foreplay—-


What I see:  She sucks his dick. He eats her pussy. Lucky to get a fragmented kiss.

What I would do: I want to see my performers make out! I mean, yes, sex can exist without kissing. I’ve had kiss-less sex, but kissing can be a real mood setter if I’m watching others fuck. So can sucking. And guess what? Dicks and tits aren’t the only parts of the body that are good for sucking. Lips can be sucked. Necks can be sucked. Fingers can be sucked. Chests and necks can be nibbled, as well as earlobes. Kisses can be applied on foreheads, and cheeks, and navals, and balls, and assholes, and inner thighs, and shoulders, and…


My point is, they should explore each others bodies in full. And not just him exploring her body. She can squeeze and smack his ass and lick and kiss his chest too.

3. An appeal to women—-


What I see: It’s not a secret. Porn scenes are designed to be as titillating as possible for horny men. Close ups of female body parts. Theatrical sex positions that don’t necessarily “feel good” to the man or woman, but “looks good” on film. And because misogyny is deep rooted, plenty of degrading shots. Because fucking her isn’t enough. He needs to conquer her.

What I would do: Recognize that women like sex too. It shouldn’t be a secret. But it seems to be lost on many people. Women represent 91% of romance readers. That same demographic is a huge supporter of erotica and “mummy porn”, helping 50 Shades of Grey become the fastest selling paperback book of all time with 90 million copies sold. And don’t think their interest stops at reading about sex or BDSM.


Just because men are often classified as “visual creatures” doesn’t mean women aren’t visually aroused either. Softcore porn still continues to thrive on Premium channels, mostly off the strength of women consumers who enjoy watching female main characters be the center of a sexual experience. 13% of women admit to watching porn at work. And while men visit porn sites more than women, the nearly 10 million women that watch porn a month are more likely to seek out porn that isn’t free.

Beyonce just dropped an album dripping with sex. But the sexual themes expressed aren’t telegraphed to men. It’s an approach to sex between her and her husband that inspires and turns on and empowers lovers, and friends, and spouses. It’s fun. And it’s hot. And it’s how I would love my porn to be.


There is a market for porn that appeals to both men and women. But the actual content needs to be more balanced. That starts with…

4. Attractive men—-


What I see:  The same 5 or 6 black male performers over and over and over again, in every scene. They aren’t very attractive. Some are straight ugly. Because of this, 98.4% (made up statistic) of the scene focuses on the female performer, performing with his monsterly large cock.


What I would do: Hire attractive men. I remember one time I got a request in my inbox to include more gifs of male reactions. I have consciously been attempting to do just that, but it’s hard! The few male reaction shots in a scene are usually so laughably unattractive. Brian Pumper making faces just isn’t something I want on my blog.


If I were casting, I would actively seek out attractive male and female performers. Men that could soak some panties. Women that could get some dicks hard. And speaking of hard dicks…

5. Regular sized dicks—-


What I see:  Huge black dicks. Ugly men. Ugly men with huge black dicks. The dicks are props. The men attached to them are breathing machines for the dicks (McNulty quote).

What I would do: Look. I understand why there are a lack of male performers in the industry. One, it’s hard to find men that can perform on cue in front of the camera. Two, it’s hard to find men with monster sized dicks.

Well, I would remove one of those entrance barriers. Yes porn is visual, and I understand some wouldn’t want to watch porn if the performer wasn’t hung like a horse, but I don’t have those hangups about the size of dicks. Every legitimate study I’ve ever read has reported the average erect penis is between 5 and 6 inches long.

By widening the pool of performers by accepting men with normal sized dicks, I feel I would be able to find more attractive men. Going even deeper, I think it’s healthy to show people that penises don’t have to be 10 inches long and 4 inches wide to be arousing and satisfying. I think there are some awful hangups, myths, and misunderstandings in the black community about penis size, performance, and how a dick can be arousing. The fetishization of Mandingo dick isn’t very flattering to me, as a person of color.


Some words from bell hooks.

“…I had to change my sexist thinking about the penis— letting go my erotic fetishization of the hard penetrating dick, to embrace an eroticization of the penis that was more wholistic. My penis passion was enhanced when I stopped thinking of it solely in relation to performance, to penetration. I enjoyed learning how to be sexually aroused by the sight of a non-erect penis.”

-Penis Passion

And speaking of regular looking dicks…

6. Regular looking women—-


What I See: Check the before and after makeup photos of these women. They transform from regular girls to pornstars. It’s pretty amazing actually.

What I would do: I’m not against makeup. I swear I’m not. No one wants their acne or other blemishes to take away from their performance. But the above helps illustrate why I find so many mainstream porn scenes to be so boring. It’s like the women are put together in an assembly line, and spit out looking like plastic. It’s so fake looking.

Of course there would be makeup on my set, but I would do my best to retain the essence of each performer, so that they still look like real people, and not made-up porn stars. I’d also love to have more black women with their natural hair.

I’ve seen women without their hair done, without makeup, on amateur porn videos having real sex, and it turns me on so much more than the plastic looking barbies in mainstream porn.


Some may notice that I called for “attractive men” and “regular looking women” and that isn’t on accident. The current model is heavily skewed towards “hot as fuck women” and “who cares what the men look like” that I would want to address that. While on that note…

7. All sized women—-


What I see: Smaller women are more likely to experience the full spectrum of sexual scenes. They might get to do an erotic strip scene. Or an anal scene. Or a gangbang scene. Or a lesbian scene. Or a massage scene. Or a 69ing scene. Point being? They aren’t typecasted to a specific scene. Plus size women or chubbier girls? In black porn? It’s almost exclusively ass, ass, ass, ass.

The very thin girls get to work all around the industry. The curvier, shapelier women are almost exclusively in titles like “Oily Brown Butts, Part 55”

What I would do: I have tried, and still am trying to find erotic scenes with plus size women of color to make gifs out of. Curvy women, not necessarily “fat” women mind you, but curvy women represent a large portion of the female POC population. I really want to include images of them on my blog, but it’s VERY difficult to find them being cast in scenes where they aren’t face down, ass up for the majority of the scene, with their jiggling butts as the man focus of the scene. It’s also damn near impossible to find them in higher budget films.


I would want scenes with plus size women and BBW. Scenes where they can be romanced, and kissed, and their face, and boobs, and entire body can be appreciated. I wouldn’t want to telecast to women with size that they should be ashamed of their bodies, or that the only thing worth showing off on their body is their butt.

And I’m not saying they can’t be fucked hard and rough or suggesting their big butts and curvy figures can’t or wouldn’t be sexualized. Just saying I won’t discriminate based on the size of the performer, or only peg them into certain sexual scenes.

There is a reason I don’t have much, if any of Cherokee or Pinky on this blog, and it really has nothing to do with them. It’s the way they are presented in the scene. Thin and full figured women are beautiful and would be featured if I created porn.

8. Story-boarding, Cinematography, and Framing—-


What I see: Very little thought put into these important visual elements. The camera men in many of these films are awful. It’s like they get some random Joe Smoe, with no understanding of film techniques or how to work a tripod, to record the action. Making smooth gifs of these scenes is incredibly difficult because the camera is shaking or moving so much without any rhyme or reason.


What I would do: I would story-board every scene and really put thought into the framing. Almost all of my favorite gifs on my blog were obviously story-boarded, the angle and position of the performers thought out before hand. The camera angles, close ups, and camera movement needs to have meaning, just like in TV shows, movies, music videos, and other forms of visual media.

I took a few film classes in college, and have produced video and photo storytelling work, so I know for a fact a scene can be filmed like movies are filmed. It doesn’t have to look so “porno-y”

Also. Move on to high-definition, black pornographers!

9. Lighting—-


What I see: The majority of the scenes are poorly lit. Either under-lit or over-lit. There is also usually a poor contrast of colors, which really robs the scene of any sexy ambiance. Frankly, the scenes “look” like porn scenes. Which is to say they look as fake and manufactured as the performance sex.


What I would do: This might be one of my biggest complaints. I use filters way too much with my gifs just because I want the image to look more interesting, or sexy, or atmospheric. This can be achieved on the set and in post-production, but it’s better if it’s attempted on-set. I would absolutely find people that knew something about proper lighting so that each scene would have personality and atmosphere.

10. Fly on the wall porn—-

What I see: This is one area that is actually pretty varied. Sometimes the scenes are gonzo style and sometimes they have storylines. The storyline scenes are usually too corny to be taken seriously, but that’s okay I guess.


What I would do: Nearly all of my gifs are meant to be fly-on-the wall style. Meaning, the performers don’t break the fourth wall by looking into the camera or acknowledging that this is porn. I really enjoy watching people have sex and pretending that they are in the privacy of their bedroom, and I’m just a fly on the wall watching real kissing, real passion, real orgasms. That is the kind of porn I would produce.


You’re never going to get good acting performances from the performers, I know that, but I would still like to add storyline elements. It’s probably because I write erotica, but I enjoy the setups of some soft-core scenes. I’d want there to be some context for the sex, and not just “such and such star is here for the day to get fucked for money.”

Because I know I can’t expect great acting or anything I would add voiceovers to scenes to get across the context for the sex. Nothing too dramatic. Just enough to add personality and present some tension before and after the clothes come off.

I would also storyboard the cumshot. Cumming, especially from the man, is one of the most explosively hot parts of any scene. image

I think it would be hot to show off multiple angles of that cumshot. His face. Her face. And then the cum shooting out of his penis. I’m getting aroused just imagining scenes where a man cums inside a woman’s pussy, while they look at each other with each intense thrust.

The female orgasm is more elusive, so I’m not sure how I’d handle her orgasm. I definitely wouldn’t want to be filming fake orgasms.


Now I have mentioned several ideas that I would use if I made porn. But my ideas aren’t original. In fact, what I would love to see is already out there being consumed by millions of people.

Nubile Films does a great job with framing and lighting.

Passion-HD is awesome about foreplay, kissing, and the performers undressing each other.

JoyMil pays really close attention to the framing. And the performers aren’t overdone with makeup either. They look pretty natural.

X-Art and Hegre-Art do a solid job of the things I mentioned too. Yes, female friendly porn sites with high production values, thought to camera work, and non-degrading content exists. But it features almost exclusively white women.

I took several hours out of a day some months back to go to those sites and look for every person of color I could find. I probably found less than 15 scenes total from those sites that featured a person of color. Worse, nearly all of them featured the same 3 or 4 women of color. More telling, every scene was an interracial scene. Nothing against interracial love, but it’s not fun to spend hours looking for just one scene with two people of color, and finding none.

I usually workout late at night or very early in the morning. I was on the treadmill around 3 A.M. a few weeks ago, watching Showtime when a program called SuicideGirls came on. It featured “alternative” models, showcasing their personality, and then having them strip nude. The girls were absolutely gorgeous and seemed to have fun personalities.

For about an hour, I watched the program while working out as they went through about a dozen different girls. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, none of the girls featured were of color.

I recently listened to an interview with a black female pornstar, and she said that only one black performer was under contract with Vivid, one of the most “respected” porn companies in the industry.

I can’t answer your question without reflecting on these realities. It would be easy to just scream racism at the top of my lungs. But then I remember the time I listened to an interview of a black porn director, who said only “Booty Talk” type of porn was profitable for black people. 


It makes me wonder, how profitable are my ideas? Would the targeted demographic really support it? I have seen other people attempt erotic content featuring POC, and then fail. Was it because the content was poorly done? Corny? Not marketed enough? I don’t know the answers to these questions.

I think I should point out that WorldStarCandy is similar to what SuicideGirls is about, featuring beautiful POC models with tattoos, piercings, and other “alternative” standards of beauty. The cinematography is awesome and the atmospheric lighting and framing is top notch as well. image

I’m optimistic, seeing that my own blog has over 20,000 followers in less than a year.

Can these smaller scale successes be translated into porn? I’m not sure. But I wish someone was ambitious enough to find out.

There are aspects of the porn industry that turn me off, mainly the way female performers are treated on and off camera. I think it’s worth stating that if I did have streaming content, the number one thing I’d strive to do is create a safe, non-hostile working environment for the sex workers.

Sex positive porn with people of color, men and women, all shades of brown, with ambient lighting, high quality cinematography, having sex that touches on our full spectrum of sexuality?


All aspects of our sexual appetites? Our love of butts/curves, our inclusion in the BDSM community, our need of lovemaking and romance, our same sex, lesbian, gay, and transsexual/transgender/gender-bending love, our fantasies and roleplaying, and group sex, and anal sex, and oral sex, and twerking, and masturbating, and interracial love, and everything orgasmic in-between? It would be nice. Very nice.

Thanks for the question and sorry for my really long answer.

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